Candy Corn Is Trash and Hershey's Candy Corn Bars Are an Abomination Against God

Tis the season, the only season that matters, the season that Halloween candy finally starts appearing on the shelves. Unfortunately, that also means candy corn has made its foul return, a crumbling and earwax-esque concoction that, like your racist grandparent, you only give a pass because it’s been around for so… »9/15/15 6:15pm9/15/15 6:15pm


News Crew Burned, Assaulted During Terrifying Visit to Haunted Home

Hey, were you planning on sleeping tonight? If so, you may want to just put on your "nope" hat and your "nope" overalls and "nope" your way right on out of here because what happened to a Pennsylvania news crew as they visited a home alleged to be haunted by evil spirits will terrify you. And that's before they even… »8/04/14 8:30pm8/04/14 8:30pm

Nazi Women Were Experts on Husband Finding, Baby Having, and Murder

Not to Godwin myself in the first sentence of my first post of the day, but here goes: if you think education is wasted on girls because what they should be learning is about lady skills like man-pleasing and baby-rearing, then congratulations! You and Hitler agree on how society should treat women. »10/09/13 1:30pm10/09/13 1:30pm

Wired Thinks Paula Broadwell Is One of the Most Dangerous People In The World, Which Is Sad

"There used to be an established order to the world," writes Noah Shachtman in the intro to Wired's "15 Most Dangerous People in the World" feature. "A structure to things. You couldn't print a gun like a term paper. It was impossible to wreck a nuclear production plant with a few lines of code. Flying robots didn't… »12/19/12 2:40pm12/19/12 2:40pm

Virginia Republicans Would Like You To Vote Against Evil, So Don't Vote For Them

  • This is an actual direct mail piece from the Virginia Republican Party, encouraging people to vote against "evil." I encourage people to vote against evil, too — the kind of evil that would stoke racial fears to win an election. [Mark Halperin]
  • Also, please vote against the kind of evil that thinks it's funny to put a…
  • »10/16/08 6:30pm10/16/08 6:30pm
Attention Secret Service: This is what Ann Coulter looks like holding a weapon.
Attention Secret Service: This is what Ann Coulter looks like holding a weapon. We thought it might be helpful after reading her recent column »10/02/08 6:30pm10/02/08 6:30pm ravings entitled She also manages to call Biden a "Nazi-sympathizer (project much, Ann?), call Katie Couric "Eva Braun" (we think ), and actually work the word "Negroes" into…