"Nerd Girls" Learn To Abandon Risky Sex, Cutting For "Empowerment," Education, And I Am Really Happy For Them

For some reason I just read a story called Self-Cutting Linked To Risky Teen Sex. Okay, so I hate myself for actually reading such a story, since I was really only reading it for the purpose of reveling in how much I hate myself, which is fairly easy since I can't even get it up to make a joke along the lines of "Oh!… »6/16/08 3:00pm6/16/08 3:00pm


Why It's About Time For A President With A Long Index Finger To Wag

What is it with women who preface statements with "I'm definitely not a feminist"? Now, I personally don't go around calling people I am a feminist, in part because of all those old Candace Bushnell columns in which flimsy freeloading unemployed socialites constantly excuse their unrelenting pursuit of sugardaddiness… »1/29/08 5:00pm1/29/08 5:00pm

Women Work "Harder" Because They Take Their Dumb Jobs Way Too Seriously

A new study says women and men are different about something! (Think it's about time I programmed a series of command keys so I could type those eleven words with minimal effort? Yeah, only a dude would be that lazy. Or enterprising. Whatev.) Anyway, this study says that women work harder than men. Because they're… »12/27/07 3:00pm12/27/07 3:00pm

You Shrill Humorless Bitches Can Stop Being All Jealous! Testosterone Makes Men "Funnier"

OH MY SHIT MORE ON THE "MEN ARE MORE FUNNIER THAN WOMEN" BEAT SAY IT AIN'T SO. Here's an idea: testosterone is what makes men funnier. That's what this unicycling psychologist who got his study published in the British Medical Journal is saying. Compiling that Mitchell report musta been a hoot then, yes??? Anyway, the… »12/21/07 2:00pm12/21/07 2:00pm