Writing About Pretty Dumb People Turns Out Pretty Dumb

Are pretty people dumb? Or just lazy? That's the issue at the heart of Eric Felton's piece in today's Wall Street Journal. The problem with the article, however, is that it makes your feelings feel confused. » 3/19/10 6:20pm 3/19/10 6:20pm

The Truth About Women & Spiders

A new study suggests that females are genetically disposed to fear spiders and other dangerous critters — but not born that way. Baby girls can rapidly learn to fear creepy-crawlies. Or read messages in webs. [New Scientist] » 8/27/09 2:30pm 8/27/09 2:30pm

Science Scribe Writes Masturbatory Missive About Human Penises

There are so many unintentionally hilarious "parts" in this Scientific American feature about penis shape, starting with the entire premise. » 4/28/09 12:00pm 4/28/09 12:00pm

Would You Skip "Puppy Love" If You Could?

Is Dr. Malcolm Brynin, a sociologist at the University of Essex, completely insane? He says: "It seems that the secret to long-term happiness in a relationship is to skip a first relationship." » 1/19/09 5:40pm 1/19/09 5:40pm

A Coke & A Smile

Deborah Anderson, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston University's School of Medicine, had heard the urban legend that Coca-Cola could be used as a contraceptive » 10/03/08 12:45pm 10/03/08 12:45pm. So she and her team decided to test it in a lab. They found that not only is Coke a spermicide, but that Diet Coke (for some reason) works…

Winter's Coming! Risk Pneumonia If You Want To Get Laid

So here's the deal: A group of male subjects were asked, at different times of the year, to rate photos of women. There were three kinds of pix: full body portraits of women in black swimsuits, exposed breasts of different sizes (???), and faces of young women. While there was no seasonal variation in the ratings for… » 9/29/08 3:20pm 9/29/08 3:20pm

Skip The Shrink

Were the "good old days" better for our brains? A new study out of Scotland says that just 20 minutes of housework boosts your mental health and eases stress and anxiety. In another study, researchers from Norway have found that farm animals are therapeutic for people with mental illness. Patients who worked with farm… » 4/11/08 10:45am 4/11/08 10:45am

The Look Of Love

Can you look at someone's face and tell if he's looking for long-term love? Researchers at Durham University think so. In a study about attractiveness — and what men and women are attracted to, scientists created these digital images. One guy pictured wants a serious girlfriend; the other guy wants a quick shag. Think… » 4/08/08 12:45pm 4/08/08 12:45pm

Hot Chicks Make Dudes Financially Irresponsible

As it turns out, all those babes in bikinis you see at auto shows actually have a scientific purpose for being there! Science Daily reports that Stanford researchers exposed (heh) heterosexual men to erotic photos and found that immediately afterward, the men were consistently more likely to take bigger financial… » 4/03/08 5:00pm 4/03/08 5:00pm

Some Women Will Do Anything To Justify A Shoe-Obsession

My name is Megan, and this is but a portion of my collection of high heels. I recognize that this might be a problem, but I'm 5'4", and I have short muscle fibers (i.e., stumpy legs) which kept me from being in the front row at ballet recitals and now prevent me from looking cute in flats. This, you see, is how I… » 2/04/08 1:30pm 2/04/08 1:30pm

Men (Wrongly) Think They're Smarter Than They Are

Newsweek has an interview with British researcher Adrian Furnham, who is a professor of psychology at University College London. While scientists know that men and women are fairly equal in terms of IQ, Furnham studies perceived smarts. He says he's found that "women, across the world, tend to underplay their… » 1/25/08 5:00pm 1/25/08 5:00pm

Thick Chicks

Did your dad call you "hard-headed"? Mine did. All the time. "You're hard-headed and you don't listen." Anna says her dad said it to her, too, along with, "You ask a lot of questions." Well a new study has found that, surprise!, women have thicker skulls than men. They don't seem to know why, but we suspect it's to… » 1/24/08 3:20pm 1/24/08 3:20pm

Measuring Up

Hey, a new way to lose at the genetic lottery! A new study has found that short babies are twice as likey to have a suicide attempt as adults, even if their growth "catches up" in childhood. A separate study by the University of Poland has found that long legs are sexier: The researchers had volunteers rate the… » 1/17/08 1:40pm 1/17/08 1:40pm

Researchers have "discovered" that children are afraid of clowns. And it's not just the wee ones: In a study reported in Nursing Standard, "found all the 250 patients aged between four and 16 they quizzed disliked the use of clowns, with even the older ones finding them scary." Says Penny Curtis, a senior lecturer at… » 1/16/08 10:45am 1/16/08 10:45am

Sympathy For The Modern Man? Uh, No.

Stickers seen on the streets of New York and the ABC show Big Shots make the same assertion: Men are the new women. And a new survey says men sorta agree! According to Telegraph, "more than half of men believe the world is dominated by females and that they have lost their traditional role in society." This is not a… » 1/07/08 4:20pm 1/07/08 4:20pm

Women: Good Drivers One Year, Bad Ones The Next

A new study says gay men and straight women share a poor sense of direction and straight men are better drivers. Psychologists at the University of London employed a virtual-reality scenario in which volunteers had to swim through an underwater maze to find a hidden platform or explore an environment and find… » 1/03/08 3:00pm 1/03/08 3:00pm