Dumb Indiana Proposal Would Punish Pregnant Drug Addicts

Indiana's Republican Attorney General proposed a law that would require pregnant welfare recipients' benefits to be contingent on passing a series of drug tests; if they can't pass, they can't buy food. Great idea guys — what economically disenfranchised pregnant drug addicts need is some good old fashioned… »9/26/13 12:50pm9/26/13 12:50pm


Group Pays Drug Addicted Women to Get Sterilized, So They Don't Have 'Litters of Children'

Have you been eagerly awaiting your opportunity to dust off your old Lady Hating Eugenicist Who Doesn't Think They're Racist Bingo card? Well, today's your lucky day. Meet Barbara Harris, the brainpower behind Project Prevention, a program that offers to pay female drug addicts to get sterilized. »5/03/12 6:40pm5/03/12 6:40pm

That Old Hag Angelina? Feh! U.N. Turns Its Attention To Britney, Kate, Lindsay, Et Al.

It's been a bad few days for Angelina Jolie. First there was the news that the birth mother of her newly-adopted son, Pax, is a drug addict and may come after her for money. Then there's today's US Weekly cover, which seems to be heralding a not-so-subtle shift in the media's years-long love affair with the actress,… »3/28/07 3:00pm3/28/07 3:00pm