Lady Gaga Wants to Buy Back Neverland Ranch for the Little Jacksons

For Lady Gaga's next trick, she will buy Neverland Ranch and cover it with black vinyl and spikes. Gaga, who has previously purchased 55 pieces of costly Jacko memorabilia, befriended LaToya Jackson and wants to help a "desperate" Paris, Prince and Blanket keep their 3,000-acre childhood home, which was sold to an… » 1/16/13 9:00am 1/16/13 9:00am

Madonna's Ditching Kabbalah For A New Weird Religion

Madonna, noted Kabbalah enthusiast, has a new religion! Now she's (allegedly) into Opus Dei, the organization that was part of an international conspiracy in The Da Vinci Code. Her Madgesty spent 90 minutes at the Opus Dei center in London, and seems to be interested in the theology of Opus Dei, which teaches… » 4/18/11 9:00am 4/18/11 9:00am

The Small Screen: A Professional Fatass Gives Drop Dead Diva A Second…

As a professional unapologetic fatass, I've been asked by numerous media outlets to comment on Lifetime TV's big girl empowerment dramedy Drop Dead Diva. And I have. But until last night, I hadn't actually watched anything beyond the second episode. » 9/22/09 7:00pm 9/22/09 7:00pm

Chris Brown Does Remember Assaulting Rihanna, He Just Won't Talk About…

Angelina Promises Return To Iraq; Amy Winehouse's Day In Court Is Done

Do Plus-Size TV Shows Inspire Or Disgust?

Between Dance Your Ass Off, Ruby, The Biggest Loser, Drop Dead Diva and the forthcoming More To Love, plus-size TV is "big" right now, reports Lisa Respers France for CNN. Actually, she writes: » 7/22/09 12:30pm 7/22/09 12:30pm

Drop Dead Diva: "Fat Things Should Not Happen To Skinny People"

I watched the premiere of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva last night, and while some of it was enjoyable, most of it made me roll my eyes and/or cringe. » 7/13/09 3:00pm 7/13/09 3:00pm

Critics Deem Drop Dead Diva Different, Daring & Delightful TV

The LA Times is raving about Lifetime's new show, Drop Dead Diva, in which a skinny, ditsy model ends up in the "tragically imperfect" full-figured body of a driven lawyer. Brace yourself: The female star of the show isn't thin. » 7/10/09 1:20pm 7/10/09 1:20pm