"Sexual Anorexia:" Equating Low Sex Drive With Eating Disorders

Today a Times reader asked Dr. Drew Pinsky, "Why do we not treat 'too little' sex as a disease or give it the same prominence as sexual addiction?" But Pinsky's subsequent explanation of "sexual anorexia" left some commenters cold. » 3/11/10 4:00pm 3/11/10 4:00pm

Britney & Justin To Make Beautiful Music Together

  • A Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake duet! In the works! [Page Six]
  • Jennifer Garner has confirmed that she is expecting her second child. But you knew that. "It always makes me laugh when people say 'Is she?' 'Isn't she?' It's like eventually you will know, so just chill out for a minute," she says. [People]
  • Angelina…
» 8/21/08 9:00am 8/21/08 9:00am

Celebrity Rehab: Compelling, Thoughtful, Habit-Forming, Pathetic

Any member of Generation X is familiar with the no-nonsense Dr. Drew Pinsky, beloved host of "Loveline." Well, Dr. Drew has a new show, VH1's Celebrity Rehab on which he works with a bunch of D-list (and that's being generous) celebs to help them overcome their addictions. Though there's a uncomfortable, voyeuristic… » 1/10/08 10:00am 1/10/08 10:00am