"Sexual Anorexia:" Equating Low Sex Drive With Eating Disorders

Today a Times reader asked Dr. Drew Pinsky, "Why do we not treat 'too little' sex as a disease or give it the same prominence as sexual addiction?" But Pinsky's subsequent explanation of "sexual anorexia" left some commenters cold. » 3/11/10 4:00pm 3/11/10 4:00pm

It's (Another) Boy For Gwen & Gavin

Britney & Justin To Make Beautiful Music Together

Celebrity Rehab: Compelling, Thoughtful, Habit-Forming, Pathetic

Any member of Generation X is familiar with the no-nonsense Dr. Drew Pinsky, beloved host of "Loveline." Well, Dr. Drew has a new show, VH1's Celebrity Rehab on which he works with a bunch of D-list (and that's being generous) celebs to help them overcome their addictions. Though there's a uncomfortable, voyeuristic… » 1/10/08 10:00am 1/10/08 10:00am