Mitt Romney Gives Zero Fucks About His Fancy Dancing Horse's Olympic Dreams

Mitt Romney's visit to the UK would have been disastrous enough if he'd just shut up after pissing off the British press, the Prime Minister, and the mayor of London. But he had to take it a step farther and go beyond insulting his host country and their Olympic efforts — in an attempt to get people to think he was… »7/30/12 1:10pm7/30/12 1:10pm


Mitt Romney's Fancy Horse Is Worth More Than Your Entire Family. Seriously.

Rafalca, Mitt Romney's frou frou Olympics-bound dressage horse, nets the family a $77,000 tax credit per year. Since Normals who produce mere human children only get a $1,000 tax credit per child, it therefore stands to reason that Rafalca Romney is worth 77 human children. Certainly more than your entire family. »6/20/12 6:00pm6/20/12 6:00pm

Ann Romney's Fancy Dancing Horse Is Headed to the Olympics

Because the Romneys are just normal, regular, down-to-earth human people like you and me—and certainly not extremely lifelike robot replicants that eat civil rights and poop out money—it's totally normal that they not only own a horse, but also had the time and resources to teach it to fucking dance. The Romneys'… »6/19/12 12:15pm6/19/12 12:15pm