Loose Lips

Katie Holmes is rocking a new 'do. Is it just me or is this a modified Saleisha? Or is it more of a mini-Wintour? • The police report from Shia LeBeouf's Chicago Walgreen's shenanigans have been released. He's 5'10'' and only 130 lbs? Homeboy needs a burger! • Drea DeMatteo and partner Shooter Jennings had a baby… » 11/29/07 5:45pm 11/29/07 5:45pm

Calling Britney 'Crazy': A Way To Keep Our Jobs? Or Lose Them? So…

  • Apparently posting up photos of Britney Spears and labeling her "crazy" is illegal. Does this mean we're part of some sort of underground economy? [E!]
  • In today's installment of what happens when we read too quickly, we thought this said, "Robot explores giant crayon." [BBC]
  • Bush's budget director Rob Portman, the only …
» 6/19/07 7:05pm 6/19/07 7:05pm