Miley Cyrus Might Become the New Half-Man on Two and a Half Men

Now that that incorrigible dickens Angus T. Jones has gone all bonky on us, it seems the producers of Two and One Half Men are scrambling to find a bonk-free replacement. And, according to a source, they're seriously considering Miley "Miley Cyrus's Haircut" Cyrus for the role. The role of Miley Cyrus's haircut will… »11/30/12 8:15pm11/30/12 8:15pm


Dr. Drew's Celebrity Addiction Special Looks At The Link Between Narcissism And Substance Abuse

Last night VH1 aired Dr. Drew's Celebrity Addiction Special, and while the show's title would suggest a slapped together rundown of the problems of young women like Lindsay, Britney and Amy, the special was actually a lot more. Dr. Drew looked deeply at how the same narcissism that drives people to celebrity also… »7/02/08 6:00pm7/02/08 6:00pm