Vaginal Rejuvenation Doctor "Knows" Kegels Don't Work

Dr. David Matlock, the guy who pioneered the vaginal rejuvenation "industry," was on The View » 7/24/08 3:20pm 7/24/08 3:20pm this morning to discuss his trade—and hit up his demo. He mentioned that women tell him what they want done by telling him how old they want their vaginas to feel, after which he made a pretty gross joke about women wanting…

For 2 Grand, This Man Will Plump The Inside Of Your Pussy

Today's Broadsheet column on Salon (via the SF Chronicle) clues us into yet another disturbing vagina-modification procedure that seems to be making the rounds: "The G-Shot". Touted as a method to increase sexual pleasure, "The G-Shot" is a two-thousand-dollar procedure invented by L.A. plastic surgeon Dr. David… » 6/05/07 12:35pm 6/05/07 12:35pm