Need to Calculate Your Bride Price? There's an App for That

If you ever wanted to calculate exactly how much a groom and his family would have to fork over to buy you as his bride, developers in Nigeria have made an app for that. BridePrice app calculates your worth by asking questions on appearance, education, homemaking skills, etc., then — ta-dah! — spits out your price. »5/30/14 2:40pm5/30/14 2:40pm


"Sometimes We Have To Take The Law In Our Hands": Pink Ladies Fight For Rights

Sampat Pal Devi, a mother of five in Banda, one of India's poorest areas, says "nobody comes to our help in these parts. The officials and the police are corrupt and anti-poor. So sometimes we have to take the law in our hands." To do this, she started the "gulabi gang," or pink gang »11/25/08 3:00pm11/25/08 3:00pm, two years ago. The gang members…