​Kelly Rowland Channels Donna Summer in Light of Neil Bogart Biopic

It's been about a year since Spike Lee signed on to direct Spinning Gold, the biopic about Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart, who signed among others, KISS, T. Rex, Parliament, and Cher. Justin Timberlake is already on board as Bogart, and it looks like Kelly Rowland is interested in playing the voice of disco… » 10/04/14 3:35pm 10/04/14 3:35pm

Tom Ford Knows All The Words To "Last Dance"

  • Don't be deceived by Tom Ford's manivorous, cooler-than-thou 'tude: The guy had no friends in college and loves Donna Summers. [Vogue UK]
  • "Babe-sta" is a new word being used to describe a new trend whereby parents in downtown NYC dress their babies in ironic and/or Gwen Stefani-inspired T-shirts. And then the babies…
  • » 6/11/07 10:17am 6/11/07 10:17am