Holiday Gifts for the Truly Charitable Do-Gooder in Your Life

What do you, the most unabashedly selfish and inconsiderate member of your friend group, buy this holiday season for that one person in your life whose giving is not restricted by our Gregorian calendar? To defeat the charitable people in the world, we must first understand the charitable people in the world, and the… »11/22/12 2:00pm11/22/12 2:00pm

Women Avoid Cycling Due To "Helmet Hair" • Ex-Mormon Gives $1M To Support Gay Marriage

• According to a survey commissioned by Cycling England, 58% of English women don't ride their bike to work »9/19/08 5:40pm9/19/08 5:40pm because they don't want to arrive sweaty and 27% avoid riding because they don't want "helmet hair." • On Thursday, Tennessee State University gave degrees to 10 black students (3 of them posthumously) that the…