Gwyneth Paltrow Says She Takes Baths in the Tub With Her Kids

Just when it seems that Gwyneth Paltrow has said all of the ridiculous, pretentious things that could ever be said, she does another magazine interview and the fountain of delight fills up yet again. Lucky for us, she's given us myriad morsels of insight in this month's Harper's Bazaar. Foremost among them, she takes… »2/01/12 8:00pm2/01/12 8:00pm


Lindsay Lohan Is Showered In Flour By An Anti-Fur Activist In Paris

  • Lindsay Lohan's trip to Paris is off to a rocky start: an anti-fur activist dumped a bag of flour on Lilo's head and screamed "Lindsay Lohan, fur hag!" as she was heading toward a VIP room at a local club last night, leaving the actress with flour all over her face and hair. Apparently, Lohan was targeted due to her…
  • »11/15/08 9:15am11/15/08 9:15am

Fergie Releases Sex And The City Theme Song; Ears Everywhere Bleed

  • So. Fergie has recorded the theme song for the Sex And The City Movie and it is fucking insane. Seriously. It's a fast-paced track that uses the original instrumental music from the show, with Fergie sing-rapping lyrics like: "Shopping for labels, shopping for love... Manolo and Louis is all I'm thinking of...…
  • »4/24/08 9:00am4/24/08 9:00am