How to Become a Domestic Goddess Blogger in Time For Summer

We're nearly halfway through May, which means time is running out if you aspire to be the twee-est domestic goddess in all the blogosophere come summertime, a season ripe with opportunities to display your homemade gingham-print macarons and pensive bespectacled husband conveniently trapped in a terrarium. (Instagram »5/13/13 6:20pm5/13/13 6:20pm


"Do Good Feminists Bake Cupcakes?" Yes, And They Often Do So Unironically

Today's Guardian »8/22/08 1:00pm8/22/08 1:00pm the new movement of ironic 1950s Domesticity that's sweeping England. To Americans accustomed to the rash of books, knitting clubs, the pastel oceans of cupcakes sweeping our city's streets and tongue-in-cheek hostessing like Amy Sedaris's , this will sound familiar. The article details the flights…

Are Women Who Say They Love Housework Fooling Themselves?

Today in the Washington Post, Rena Corey writes "Each time I feel a sense of satisfaction at how my Magic Eraser is removing the smudges from my white kitchen cabinets, whenever I smile to see all the dirt and dust clinging to my Swiffer, I realize I am a traitor to the cause." She admits that as a girl growing up in… »10/08/07 11:30am10/08/07 11:30am