Mike & Juliet Guests Purport To Have The "Secret" To A Happy Marriage

On this morning's Mike & Juliet »8/15/08 7:00pm8/15/08 7:00pm show, they had two yahoos masquerading as "experts" doling out marriage advice. Not surprisingly, the most appalling counsel was doled out by "stay-at-home-wife" Ro' Black. She was bragging that her marriage works because her husband gets a home cooked meal every night. "I do this…

New Sex Toy Means That Vacuuming Doesn't Have To Suck

We love multi-purpose appliances—especially when one of those purposes is getting us off. Such is the case with Vortex Vibrations: A plastic device made to fit on the end of a vacuum cleaner hose that concentrates the airflow to "create a rapid and gentle vibration." And supposedly, using the Vortex enables one to not… »8/23/07 1:30pm8/23/07 1:30pm