Election Day Images: Yes We Can...Wait Happily In Line To Vote (Part 3)

Here's the last of the reader-submitted photos of the lines, small and large, that were outside of polling stations around the country today, November 4, 2008. From New Hampshire to California, citizens enthusiastically voted, even if it meant they had to stand in a long line. Congratulations! Now, if you'll excuse… » 11/04/08 7:20pm 11/04/08 7:20pm

Electon Day Images: Yes We Can... Happily Wait In Line To Vote

Early rising Jezebels were poll-bound this morning, finding (mostly) long lines leading up to the voting booth, even in "solid blue" states like New York. After the jump, look at reader-submitted photos from various polling places across the country as well as some pics of early voting lines. Keep sending us pictures… » 11/04/08 12:40pm 11/04/08 12:40pm