Kickstarter Says Rapey Project Is 'Abhorrent,' Allows Funding Anyway

A self-described "master pickup artist" used Kickstarter to raise 800% of his target goal to publish a book that encourages men to aggressively dominate women — specifically without asking for permission — if they want to get laid. After widespread protest, Kickstarter called the project "abhorrent and inconsistent… »6/20/13 3:40pm6/20/13 3:40pm


I Gave Birth to a Phone Baby, and I Had to Take Care of It for a Day

When I heard about Do Something's "Pregnancy Text" campaign — "challenge your friends to take care of a phone baby for a day" — I was obviously intrigued. The projects allows users to experience having a baby for 24 hours via text message, as well as the chance to win a $2,000 scholarship if they text five friends… »5/16/12 6:00pm5/16/12 6:00pm