We Laughed, We Cried, We Threw Things At The Television: The Conventions And Commentary

I'm sitting here in the Minneapolis Airport, having a beer (or two) and catching up on all the many, many, many comments I missed this week because my internet connection was tenuous at best and instead of reading you guys, I went drinking. So, this afternoon, I decided to combine the two activities I did the most… »9/05/08 6:00pm9/05/08 6:00pm


I Had A Dream Of A Convention With Sleep: Things I Failed To Appreciate

When I started this week, I figured that I would be tired by the end of it but still excited to be here. I had no idea I would be so bone-tired by the time Obama gave his speech that I couldn't even begin to parse my feelings on it. But there were so many people to talk to, so many parties to go to, so much… »8/30/08 6:20pm8/30/08 6:20pm

Jennifer Granholm Says, "Be Bold," Why Were You Put On This Planet?

One of the really amazing things about being at the Democratic convention this week was all the women (and young women) who were there — delegates, attendees, elected officials and others. It was very cool to see so many young women getting so excited and involved about politics. So when I got a chance on the very… »8/30/08 4:10pm8/30/08 4:10pm

Lilly Ledbetter Knows McCain's "Out Of Touch With Reality"

It's not terribly often that you get to interview a feminist icon. Well, I mean, I guess it's getting more common for me, but still, it's pretty cool. So when my colleague over at Glamocracy »8/30/08 2:40pm8/30/08 2:40pm asked me if I wanted to interview Lilly Ledbetter, I was like, "Hell, yeah." Don't recognize her name? If you ever have to sue…

Conventional Crap: Moebama Underwhelmed By Barack's Beautiful, Moving Speech

Although I am basically a walking, red-colored zombie — or, I would be if my feet didn't hurt so much that I'm not really walking as much as limping — someone's got to wrap up the week of speechifying, pandering, branding and making the kind of history that causes grown people to cry before the speech even starts and… »8/29/08 10:00am8/29/08 10:00am

Conventional Crap: Wednesday Surprises And The End Of Our Patience

Look, these conventions are hard. Some of us have it harder than others, what with getting up at the crack of dawn and walking miles a day and trying to pay attention to speeches when all we really want to do is curl up in bed and die. But I can't die, yet, if only because everyone will Twitter and text me so much… »8/28/08 11:00am8/28/08 11:00am

Liveblogging Joe Biden's Acceptance Speech (And Barack's Surprise Appearance!!)

Still here, and now it's Biden's turn. Yeah, I got up to go to the bathroom and got involved in conversations and I sort of didn't expect that it would happen so quickly after Clinton's speech, but only because all the batteries in all my watches died. Anyway, so, there's another video montage! And an acceptance… »8/27/08 10:15pm8/27/08 10:15pm

Rachel Maddow: "I Need To Focus On What I Think, So That I Can Stay Original"

Last night, I grabbed Spencer »8/27/08 6:00pm8/27/08 6:00pm and walked over to MSNBC's public set here in Denver — not to stand around in the background hoisting signs about McCain or, like one lady, to shout about ethanol, but to talk to the one person on which he and I have nearly-identical intellectual crushes — Rachel Maddow. She reads…

Liveblogging Hillary Clinton's Convention Speech

Former Virginia Governor (and current Senate candidate) Mark Warner was Hillary Clinton's lead-in tonight — how cool is it that a man was basically her warm-up act, by the way? Anyway, he's finished speaking, and we're waiting for Chelsea to start her introduction of her mother — this will be the largest crowd she's… »8/26/08 10:15pm8/26/08 10:15pm

Some Political Parties Aren't Even Worth The Free Pinot Noir, Prophylactics

Last night was my first night on the convention party beat and I hoped for something along the lines of our Unconventional Conventionaire »8/26/08 12:40pm8/26/08 12:40pm, what with funny anecdotes and cute guys and booze and fun. But I either have horrible timing, or the invitations to the wrong parties, or shitty luck, or all of the above because…