That 50 Percent Divorce Statistic Hasn't Been True For a Long Time

If you and your friends got married in the 2000s, and trends stay where they appear to be headed, two-thirds of you lovebirds will stay married. Forever, like you intended, even though that statistic about 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce was likely stuck in the back of your mind. It turns out that, though… »12/04/14 12:10pm12/04/14 12:10pm


Brits Say Getting Married Early Saves You From A Depressing Life Of Singlehood

Andrew G. Marshall wrote a piece »8/04/08 3:30pm8/04/08 3:30pm for Saturday's of London arguing that if you're gonna get married, doing it early — in your twenties — is best. On the same day, Stefanie Marsh a story about how being single sucks. The pressure! From all sides! Marshall says there's more hope for a couple in crisis if they got…