Divorce Hotel Allows You to Legally End Your Marriage in Comfort and Style

Ah, le divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is so inconvenient, so uncomfortable, so... lacking in continental breakfasts. Well, at least it was until one Dutch entrepreneur/genius named Jim Halfens decided to open the Divorce Hotel, a one stop shop (actually, there are six branches conveniently scattered across the… »7/25/12 6:40pm7/25/12 6:40pm

Dutch Entrepreneur’s ‘Divorce Hotel’ Promises Extremely Awkward Vacations

Though "Divorce Hotel" sounds like the title of the Break Up's sequel in which a freshly reconciled/married Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston decide to break up AGAIN the very first night of their Costa Rican honeymoon and have to hilariously spend two weeks tip-toeing around each other in the hotel's Corazón Suite,… »5/27/12 1:00pm5/27/12 1:00pm