Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Boning Entire Wu-Tang Clan on Divorce Court

In a recent episode of Divorce Court, a man named Nathan accused his girlfriend Lia of banging the entire Wu-Tang Clan when she hung out with the group after a concert. Lia denies the accusation saying that although she “had an amazing time” hanging out with the rappers until dawn, it was an innocent gathering that… »4/12/15 6:15pm4/12/15 6:15pm


Gary Coleman, Child Bride Try To Reconcile On Divorce Court

The traveling freak show that is the marriage of former child star Gary Coleman, 40, and his 22-year-old wife Shannon Price rolled into Divorce Court today, not necessarily to solidify the break p their marriage, but to get counseling from Judge Lynn Toler in order to save it. (Part two of the episode airs tomorrow. )… »5/01/08 2:00pm5/01/08 2:00pm