Amy Winehouse: Tabloid Victim Or Carefully-Curated "Trainwreck"?

Singer Amy Winehouse is many things: gifted, destructive, depressive, dickmatized...but one thing she's not is inauthentic. In today's Salon, Winehouse is accused of blatant fakery by novelist James Hannaham. "She may be a tragic talent," writes Hannaham, "but she's also playing the part of the tragic talent."… » 12/14/07 9:30am 12/14/07 9:30am

In The Age Of Dog Antidepressants, Why Refuse Miracle Migraine Meds?

I don't get migraines, but I can assure you on the basis of the way I medicate a hangover that if I did I would most certainly be a pussy and steal a few tablets of my roommate's miracle drug Topamax. I mean, I have never even experienced these, but from the sounds of what New York Times blogger Judith Warner deals… » 10/29/07 7:00pm 10/29/07 7:00pm

Does Jennifer Lopez Have Gallstones? Dr. Jezebel Is On The Case

We've been expecting Jennifer Lopez to announce that she's expecting. And she says not a word! Has she been attending the Christina Aguilera School of Silence? (Earlier, Perez Hilton reported that Marc Antony's ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, confirmed the pregnancy, but she has since backtracked.) Now we're forced to… » 10/09/07 5:00pm 10/09/07 5:00pm

Paging Dr. Jezebel: Does Amy Winehouse Have A Rare Blood Disease?

We haven't seen our girl Amy Winehouse in a while, but, check it out: She's alive! And looking pretty good. Although a few things did catch our eye... First: There's something on her neck! And knowing Amy, it could be something serious. We were forced to turn to, you guessed it, the WebMD Symptom Checker. After the… » 10/04/07 2:00pm 10/04/07 2:00pm

Paging Dr. Jezebel: Amy Winehouse Needs Another Appointment

Another day, another Amy Winehouse health horror! We love the Brits for always zooming in on Amy's ailments. In today's Daily Mail, it's a "throbbing finger." Dr. Jezebel — with the invaluable help of colleagues at WebMD's symptom checker — is on the case. After the jump, see the patient and our non-expert diagnosis. » 9/11/07 10:30am 9/11/07 10:30am

Paging Dr. Jezebel... Amy Winehouse Needs Us, STAT!

It's becoming clear that Amy Winehouse is just not taking care of herself! She was recently spotted walking the streets with some sort of growth on her arm. And since we just read that more and more Brits are contracting STDs, we decided to intervene, check out WebMD, and make sure Wino's not contagious. The hideous… » 7/20/07 12:23pm 7/20/07 12:23pm