Did Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey And Wife Have Threesomes With A Male Aide?

Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey may have officially one-upped Eliot Spitzer in terms of "goobernatorial" sex scandal sordidness. McGreevey, who left office in disgrace in November 2004 after admitting to an affair with a male colleague, is now being accused by another former male employee of having with the… »3/17/08 9:30am3/17/08 9:30am

Lauer On Spitzer: Some Political Wives "Become Almost An Appendage Of Their Spouse"

Okay kids, we've got another clip from the Today Show featuring more critique of New York governor Eliot Spitzer's indiscretions. This one features Dina Matos, the aggrieved former first lady from New Jersey whose onetime hubby famously cheated on her with another man. Ms. Matos was thoughtful and sensitive during her… »3/11/08 2:30pm3/11/08 2:30pm