Do Not Let Your Manicure Guilt Make This Labor Issue About You

The recent New York Times nail salon exposé and subsequent, appropriate government reaction has come accompanied by a lot of entry-level and highly limiting personal quibbling from manicure-loving women, who are here to remind us of the power of the internet’s dominant heuristic—which is to read something that does… »5/14/15 1:30pm5/14/15 1:30pm


Solicitations: Help Me Choose A Meet The Parents Outfit

I am not usually given to last-minute outfit neuroses. But then, I am not normally given to meeting future in-laws either. Tomorrow we're having brunch, then walking across Central Park, then going to the Metropolitan Museum, then hopefully dispersing for a nap or something, then meeting up with my folks for dinner at… »9/12/08 5:20pm9/12/08 5:20pm