I Swear, Baby, You Won't Get Pregnant As Long As You're On Top

Earlier this week, the humor blog Cracked put up a scholarly and hilarious top ten list of History's Most Terrifying Contraceptives. These pre-modern, no-baby devices ran the gamut from diaphragms made out of opium...to diaphragms made out of crocodile dung. There were also diaphragms made out of silver, gold, and… » 3/25/08 1:30pm 3/25/08 1:30pm

Dr. Ruth Personally Advises Us On Period Sex

On Saturday, some of the Jezebels went to brainstorm over S'mores at a coffee/sandwich shop, when, who should appear but Dr. Ruth. She shuffled by our table, all 50 inches of her — seriously, girlfriend is short! — and Anna was the first one to spot her. I was like, "Guys, I have to get my picture with her!" Anna… » 1/07/08 4:00pm 1/07/08 4:00pm