Robin Thicke Has Truly Out-Sleazed Himself This Time

Robin Thicke, a vengeful spirit who can be summoned by uttering "blundering male chauvinist" thrice into a dark mirror over a derivative R&B beat, has just done an interview with Elle. In it, he revisits all of Robin Thicke's Greatest Hits: he's despicably sleazy! He lacks any semblance of self-awareness! He talks… » 10/24/13 6:45pm 10/24/13 6:45pm

Horrible Person Kills a Democratic Campaign Manager's Cat and Scrawls…

If all the disgusting and borderline (or outright) violent rhetoric that's been thrown around in politics lately hasn't been enough to disgust you, maybe this will be. Jacob Burris, campaign manager for Ken Aden, a Democrat who is running for Congress in Arkansas, came home last night to find his family's cat had… » 1/23/12 11:55pm 1/23/12 11:55pm