Another Black Person Who Dared Shop at Barneys Stopped by Police

Just a day after news broke of a lawsuit that alleges that earlier this year, undercover police arrested and detained a black teenager because a Barneys employee didn't believe he could afford a $350 belt, another black Barneys customer has claimed similar treatment. Barneys is apparently the department store… »10/24/13 11:50am10/24/13 11:50am


Designer Clothes Help Parents Turn Their Toddlers Into Real-Life American Girl Dolls

As our economy slowly emerges from its torpor, affluent citizens are starting to become less abashed about spending exorbitant sums of money on anything from diamond-studded rollerblades, to cows fed with gold-plated blades of grass, to designer outfits for their toddlers. Marquee fashion designers like Oscar de la… »8/12/12 8:00pm8/12/12 8:00pm