Barely Awake Right Now? Perhaps You Work in One of the Most Sleep-Deprived Professions.

Feeling a little tired today, like you didn't get enough sleep last night? Maybe you have your job to blame. Sleepy's, the chain of mattress stores with an irritatingly memorable jingle, analyzed data from the National Health Interview Survey done by the CDC and determined the most and least sleep deprived… »2/28/12 11:00am2/28/12 11:00am


Two Different Moms In Two Different States Both Charged With Starving Kids To Death

Today in awful: Fearing their infant daughter would become fat and therefore gross, one Wisconsin couple attempted to limit their child's food intake to preserve her sexy bikini ready baby physique. Now, the baby's in protective custody and they're being charged with child neglect. Meanwhile, in another neighborhood… »11/18/11 2:48pm11/18/11 2:48pm