Depo-Provera Found to Double Risk of Breast Cancer (But Don't Flip Out…

Depo-Provera, the injectable contraceptive that's used by roughly 1.2 million women in the U.S., is incredibly convenient, effective, and relatively affordable. But according to a new study, it has a very scary side effect: doubling your risk of breast cancer. But before you freak out because it's coursing (or has… » 4/06/12 10:40am 4/06/12 10:40am

Birth Control Shot Found To Double HIV Risk In African Women

As if the AIDS crisis in Africa wasn't bad enough, scientists now believe that a birth control method that's popular in the eastern and southern parts of the continent is increasing women's HIV risk. A major peer-reviewed study found that women who get a hormone shot every three months double their risk of becoming… » 10/04/11 1:20pm 10/04/11 1:20pm