Hundreds of Lawyers Defend Moroccan Women Arrested Over Tight Outfits

Two Moroccan women, aged 19 and 23, are on trial for dressing indecently and have found themselves with more representation than they can possibly handle. After being arrested for “gross indecency” for “too tight” dresses in June, the women have become controversial figures in the community, with their arrests… »7/07/15 3:00pm7/07/15 3:00pm


Two Westerners Are Sentenced to Three Months in a Dubai Jail After Allegedly Sexing Up the Back of a Taxi

If you've seen Sex and the City 2, first off, my condolences — that movie is awful except for the "Lawrence of my labia" joke, though it does teach us all a very important lesson about Dubai, which is that, if you have to have a drunken sexual escapade with an especially attractive European businessman on the beach,… »11/23/12 1:30pm11/23/12 1:30pm