Comic Confrontations: Judge Judy Vs. Feminists

Feminists seem to love bickering about feminism. And as more women join the conversation, it gets nastier…and better! It's exciting that so many care enough about it. But it's time Judge Judy kept some order. » 5/15/09 8:00pm 5/15/09 8:00pm

Blogger Annoyed By Drunk, Pole-Dancing, Workaholic Women Writers

Blogger Debra Dickerson is tired of young feminists talking about the present and future state of abortion rights as if they actually care about them. » 3/11/09 4:40pm 3/11/09 4:40pm

Maybe It's Just Us, But Michelle Obama Seems Pissed About Something…

We know the words "First Lady" lack the respectability of, like, "handbag designer" or whatever — and it's not as if it the job ever leads to anything — but we're still scratching our heads at the weird blogger outcry over Michelle Obama quitting her job:
» 5/21/07 5:35pm 5/21/07 5:35pm