In Time-Honored Brit Tradition, Peaches Geldof Becomes TV Presenter

  • So now that British It girl Peaches Geldof is a 19-year-old married lady, she needs a grown-up job! Hence: host of the new Nylon TV, obvs. "She's partnered with Cory Kennedy to host the 90210 feature in honor of the Nylon's first ever TV issue." [Fashionista]
  • Viktor & Rolf speak as one (no, they do), believe in the…
  • » 8/26/08 11:30am 8/26/08 11:30am

Michael Phelps Outswims Serbian, Overwhelms Mom

Are you tired of all the insanity surrounding the American men's swimming team? If so, you should probably stop reading now. If you're not tired of it, well, we hate to break it to you but the competitions — and the accompanying beefcake photos — are over. But we just had to put up a clip of Michael Phelps' 7th gold… » 8/18/08 9:20am 8/18/08 9:20am