Oh No! Teen Vogue Starvation-Positive Message Boards Down Day Before Thanksgiving!

Earlier today, we noticed the anorex-positive Teen Vogue message boards were mysteriously disabled, so Jessica called up the company to see what the problem was. "Technical difficulties," she was told, and commenters, praise Christ, have commenced weighing in — see what we did there?? — on such questions as "Are My… »11/21/07 1:00pm11/21/07 1:00pm

Teen Vogue Message Boards: "I Gained Alot Of Weight Over The Summer. Its Disgusting."

It has long saddened me that I was never granted entrance to VIP threads of RingsWorld, the New York Times of pro-ana message boards, but you know what they say: "information wants to be free," and no one ever said "except for the 'thinspiring' tales and laxative how-tos of a demented subculture of teenage girls who… »11/15/07 3:00pm11/15/07 3:00pm