The 10 Lowest Moments For Women In Politics This Year (So Far)

Yesterday, we learned that voters were polled on whether Barbara Boxer or Carly Fiorina has better hair. Even without the 2008 election's bombast (Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin), the past year has been rather rocky for women in politics. Some lowlights: » 7/29/10 1:54pm 7/29/10 1:54pm

Oscars To Move To January? • Joran Expects Dominance Over Women

• The Academy of Motion Picture of Arts & Sciences is considering moving the date of the 2011 Oscars from February 27 (as scheduled) to sometime in January. Some are worried the move would interfere with judging by cutting time. » 6/23/10 5:40pm 6/23/10 5:40pm

Top 10 Ways Male Politicians Confess To Extramarital Affairs

More and more these days, politicians appear to be straying from their marriages — but, unlike in the old days where a short public acknowledgment wasn't de rigueur, today's straying politicians are obligated to old press conferences to explain themselves. » 6/24/09 8:00pm 6/24/09 8:00pm

Thanks To Obama, New Puppy & New Economy Are Imminent

President Obama's speech to Congress last night was full of promises and calls to actions, but it buried a bunch of other news on Iraq, Roland Burris and Hilda Solis. » 2/25/09 10:00am 2/25/09 10:00am

Sarah Palin, Pals Wave Goodbye To That Last Shred Of Respectability

Conservatives Use Sexism To Attack, Undermine Feminists

When I wrote my first real post » 9/15/08 4:00pm 9/15/08 4:00pm about Sarah Palin as the Republican's Vice Presidential nominee, I noted — as many others were noting and — that she was hardly the candidate with the best or even remotely complete record on women's issues like reproductive choice or pay equity. I did so even as my email inbox was…

Why Politicians' Wives Stay With Their Crappy, Pathetic Husbands

Guess what? Senator Craigslist's wife Suzanne, ignored for decades on account of boringness or something, has suddenly begotten all manner of media think pieces on her curious decision to "stand by her man." Don't think you'd do it? Neither did Louisiana whore patron Senator David Vitter's wife! » 8/30/07 9:45am 8/30/07 9:45am

Which brings us to an…