In Which We Get Closure With Self-Promotional Whore David Seaman

"I thought this would be much more vitriolic than it actually is," wrote ousted Jezebel intern David Seaman, to my Facebook account. "I guess I'm not mad, just a little confused. And about to go out and get hammered." Wait a second, me too! I texted the ex-intern I once dubbed D-Splooge. We agreed to meet for a drink.
» 7/02/07 4:59pm 7/02/07 4:59pm

Self-Promotion Guru David Seaman Totally Got Our Memo, Shat All Over It

I like to think I have decent judgement about guys, but this was my bad. A few months back I hired a nerdy little fuck named David Seaman for the preposterously well-remunerated position of Jezebel intern and no sooner did that happen was I forced to fire him. In her defense, Anna did not like him. But in my defense,… » 6/19/07 6:15pm 6/19/07 6:15pm