Hillary Is On Vacation, But Her Biggest Fan Still Has Her Back (And Mine)

Sometimes it happens that your friends are all too busy to talk. Moe's on her way to the airport and Spencer Attackerman is not online (and hopefully not sick), but luckily, there's always one girlfriend who will pull your ass out of the fire at the last minute when she gets to the office because she rocks (even on… »6/18/08 10:20am6/18/08 10:20am

Maybe-Lesbian Lindsay Lohan's Home State To Recognize Gay Marriage

Did ya hear? Lesbianism is chic now that Lindsay Lohan has tacitly embraced the joys of Sappho. At least that's what the New York Post thinks, and New York, one of Lilo's favorite playgrounds, is the newest state to recognize gay marriage. While gay marriages cannot be performed in New York State, according to the AP,… »5/29/08 9:30am5/29/08 9:30am