What can we actually learn from the UK's first marijuana 'overdose'?

Gemma Moss recently became the first woman in Britain "ruled to have been poisoned to death by smoking cannabis," her sudden death referred to by tabloids as "the tragic proof that cannabis can kill." But Moss's story, while undeniably sad, has told us next to nothing about the dangers of pot. At the same time, its… » 2/01/14 10:00am 2/01/14 10:00am

Nutty Professor Makes Synthetic Alcohol

The amusingly named Prof. David Nutt is developing a synthetic alcohol that will make drinkers feel tipsy but never shit-faced — or hungover. Less impressive: it appears to be basically Valium. [Daily Mail] » 1/07/10 3:40pm 1/07/10 3:40pm