Crap Email from a Dude: State Lawmaker Who Can't Get Laid Edition

Last week, Virginia Republican Dave Albo entertained a crowd of his legislature buddies with a hilarious House floor story of how his wife wouldn't have sex with him because of Virginia's Mandatory Ultrasound Bill. Many were upset that locker room talk was occurring on the taxpayer's dime, and one reader wrote to… »2/27/12 3:00pm2/27/12 3:00pm


Virginia Republican Tells Cringeworthy Story About How Wife Won't Fuck Him, Everyone Laughs and Laughs

Today, Virginia Republican legislator Dave Albo took to the floor of the Virginia Assembly to take way too long to tell a gross story about how the state's recent abortion debate resulted in his wife not letting him do it with her. It's like watching your middle school Vice Principal deliver the worst wedding toast… »2/24/12 7:20pm2/24/12 7:20pm