Aussies Upset Over Daring Girls' Didgeridoos • UN Says Sexism Rife In The UK

Indigenous Australian commentators are aghast that the Down Under version of the Daring Book for Girls »9/02/08 5:30pm9/02/08 5:30pm teaches and encourages girls and young women to , an instrument that is taboo for women to even touch.• A woman is suing a UK hospital over a C-section that was on her without effective pain relief. • Want to end…


Book For Girls: Dangerous Because It's Not Daring Enough?

When Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz saw that HarperCollins published an "old-fashioned" and "politically incorrect" tome called The Dangerous Book For Boys, the ladies contacted the publishing company and asked whether a version for girls was in the works. There wasn't; the women pitched one, and the Daring Book… »12/17/07 4:00pm12/17/07 4:00pm