Poor Woman Ostracized for Putting Daughter on Extreme Diet in Worst Vogue Article Ever

Everyone needs to stop shaming Dara-Lynn Weiss! It's forcing her to — I don't know — feel like her daughter Bea did when Weiss would yell at her about eating junk food in front of her peers? Make her feel like her soul is fat? Anyway, we should all just stop it. Child obesity is an epidemic in this country and if… »3/27/12 10:20am3/27/12 10:20am

Worst Vogue Article Ever Will Now Become Worst Memoir Ever

Remember Dara-Lynn Weiss, that super cool, chillaxed mom who forced her 7-year-old daughter onto a Weight Watchers-style diet, shamed her into losing sixteen pounds, then wrote that shitty essay about it that appeared in the April issue of Vogue? Of course you do — you cut out her article and use it as parenting… »3/26/12 5:15pm3/26/12 5:15pm