Why Not 'Occupy' Some Tasteful Separates?

Yeah, yeah, we know some people are in the streets right now protesting about their crippling debts, lost homes, and dreams broken by corporate greed. But what about our right to designer clothes? Luckily, one company is thinking about the real problems. » 11/02/11 5:45pm 11/02/11 5:45pm

American Apparel "On The Cusp Of A Total Collapse"; Every Jersey Shore

Dolce & Gabanna's Domenico & Stefano Are Devout Designers

Daily Cavity

A reader sent us an email, pointing out that the London edition of Daily Candy is suggesting » 11/10/08 9:40am 11/10/08 9:40am that Brits may want a . Will you feel like a tool if you pay £3,000 for this package? Or will you just feel shafted? (Click to enlarge.) []

Daily Cavity

Is this an ad for the Department of Health and Human Services » 9/03/08 3:40pm 9/03/08 3:40pm? Perhaps the ? No, it's our old friend Daily Candy, which now has a "kids" version of its Dallas edition. Surely Daily Candy will have many great products to help us to rear our broods in the coming recession — like a ! We are poking holes in all our…

Daily Cavity

Has the economy got you down? Thank God for editors of Daily Candy Dallas, who are always looking out for those passionately pinching pennies. Just look at these throw pillows » 8/27/08 12:40pm 8/27/08 12:40pm from : The jute-fiber, down-filled, Texan made "collections," are totally "affordable," starting at the low price of $135 for an 18 inch square…

Welcome To DailyCandyland, Comcast!

Dear Brian Roberts: Now that your company, Comcast, has bought online advertorial behemoth Daily Candy » 8/06/08 1:30pm 8/06/08 1:30pm for a staggering $125 million, you may be wondering what your big bucks will get you. After the jump, allow us to help with a little tour of today's Daily Candy's offerings. Since the ideal Daily Candy reader is…

Daily Cavity

Are you ugly? Well, Daily Candy thinks so, and they have the perfect thing for your disgusting mug. Introducing the Ugly Bag, a $2 paper bag with no eye holes that you wear over you face to mask your ugliness. Surely it will soon become the favorite gag gift of all of your passive-aggressive frenemies (like Daily… » 7/22/08 2:20pm 7/22/08 2:20pm

Daily Cavity

With gray slush still sticking to the sidewalks, the editors at Daily Candy: Boston are here to solve your cold-weather shoe needs! "Last week's near-death experience involving your narrow heels, a misplaced pile of snow, and a Weimaraner had you giving up on the outdoors (and the dear old dog) altogether," they… » 3/03/08 1:45pm 3/03/08 1:45pm

Daily Cavity

The cultivated tastemakers at Daily Candy Seattle have seen it all: "When your line of work involves everything from back-door bleaching to turd removal, it takes something rather shocking to move you" begins their post on wood bowls. Wait, what? These aren't just any wood bowls, mind you, they are gallery-featured… » 2/27/08 10:45am 2/27/08 10:45am

Daily Cavity

Do you want to keep your vagina covered but hate the idea of wearing actual underwear? Do you wear thongs but wish you had something more uncomfortable to wear? Daily Candy has the perfect underwear for you! Declaring "hoo-has" out, DC found strapless g-string "underwear" from Shibue Couture, a company which, judging… » 2/22/08 1:50pm 2/22/08 1:50pm

Daily Cavity

File this under outrageous: According to today's DailyCandy, even our assholes could stand to look a little younger and cuter! Explain the editors: "Van Morrison wrote the song 'Brown Eyed Girl' as an endearing ode to a former love. And while some will always argue that brown eyes are classic... it has come to our… » 2/05/08 11:45am 2/05/08 11:45am

Daily Cavity

A high-end spa in West Hollywood, is touting its Charme "skin renewal" treatment, and — no surprise here — the DC gals are already buzzing about it! Charme entails using a machine to spray water on your face. Yes: Spray. Water. On. Face. Of course the water is "low-pH, freshly ionized" (read: expensive), and,… » 1/14/08 2:30pm 1/14/08 2:30pm

Revisiting Our Adolecence With The Girls We Hated In Junior High

The editors at Daily Candy seem to be feeling a bit nostalgic for the time when their superiority over others was represented by the location of their lunch tables: today, the editors of four editions (New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Seattle) decide to revisit their origami skills, homemade terrariums,… » 1/11/08 4:20pm 1/11/08 4:20pm

The Guy Holiday Gift Guide From The Most Annoying Women on Earth

We don't want to be alarmist, but... eleven shopping days until Christmas! And have you even started on your boyfriend's present? What? Well, surely you have a boyfriend if you are reading Daily Candy...and surely if you have a boyfriend and read Daily Candy then the idea of purchasing $76 boxers or a designer wood… » 12/13/07 1:30pm 12/13/07 1:30pm

Daily Candy's Positively Pedicure-Laden, Yeast-Infection Giving, Very…

Not sure what you're doing this weekend? Neither are we. But we're probably not going to do anything Daily Candy tells us to do. This is not because delicately pecking at tapas at the "cutest" new restaurant while reading the "latest" novel about a blah blah fashion editor blah blah socialite detective and looking… » 9/21/07 4:30pm 9/21/07 4:30pm

The future of America is officially fucked: Today sees the debut of DailyCandy Kids, through which an entire new generation of impressionable young females will learn to fetishize cupcakes, fruity-flavored cocktails, overpriced stilettos and $60 manicures. [MediaBistro] » 9/17/07 12:45pm 9/17/07 12:45pm

Riding The Daily Candy Train, High On Cocaine

We'll tell you what kind of candy they're giving out over at the Daily Candy: The crack kind! Today, administrative assistants and mumsy accountants everywhere recoiled in horror when they realized that the internet's biggest cheerleader for conspicuous consumption was NSFW. At Daily Candy Everywhere a (sexually)… » 8/22/07 11:30am 8/22/07 11:30am