Revisiting Our Adolecence With The Girls We Hated In Junior High

The editors at Daily Candy seem to be feeling a bit nostalgic for the time when their superiority over others was represented by the location of their lunch tables: today, the editors of four editions (New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Seattle) decide to revisit their origami skills, homemade terrariums,… »1/11/08 4:20pm1/11/08 4:20pm

The Guy Holiday Gift Guide From The Most Annoying Women on Earth

We don't want to be alarmist, but... eleven shopping days until Christmas! And have you even started on your boyfriend's present? What? Well, surely you have a boyfriend if you are reading Daily Candy...and surely if you have a boyfriend and read Daily Candy then the idea of purchasing $76 boxers or a designer wood… »12/13/07 1:30pm12/13/07 1:30pm

Daily Candy's Positively Pedicure-Laden, Yeast-Infection Giving, Very Bad Weekend

Not sure what you're doing this weekend? Neither are we. But we're probably not going to do anything Daily Candy tells us to do. This is not because delicately pecking at tapas at the "cutest" new restaurant while reading the "latest" novel about a blah blah fashion editor blah blah socialite detective and looking… »9/21/07 4:30pm9/21/07 4:30pm