When Spite Trumps Common Sense, A Resentful Clinton Supporter Is There

The six weeks since Cynthia Ruccia announced that sexism would force her to support John McCain in the general election haven't, as many had hoped, made her any more reasonable. Like many a Clintonista, Ruccia — the co-founder of Women For Fair Politics who appeared on Larry King Live last night (see clip above left)… »6/27/08 1:00pm6/27/08 1:00pm


Meet The Women Who Will Doom Us To A McCain Presidency

Yesterday, I appealed to all that was good, right, feminist and holy among us to stop with the attacks on groups like NARAL on the basis of disappointment over Hillary Clinton's likely inability to garner the Democratic nomination. Many of you suggested that the Democratic Party would, once the disappointment ebbed,… »5/16/08 2:30pm5/16/08 2:30pm