Cyd Charisse, Actress With The "World's Most Valuable Legs," Dies At 86

Cyd Charisse, the actress/dancer who rose to stardom dancing alongside Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, has died at the age of 86 of a heart attack, according to the New York Times. Born Tula Ellice Finklea in Amarillo, Texas, Cyd was a classically trained ballerina who was plucked from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in… »6/18/08 9:30am6/18/08 9:30am

Breaking News: Matthew McConaughey's Flip-Flop Missing!

  • Matthew McConaughey went to Nicaragua to surf and ended up partying at a bar called the Iguana, standing on a table and screaming, "I've lost by flip-flops," after which he was seen "resting" in a ditch. Quoth Matt: "I'm STILL looking for my left flip-flop. So if anyone finds it floating around down there (it has…
  • »6/18/08 9:00am6/18/08 9:00am