Inventive Teen Girls Discover New Form Of Self Mutilation

Those unfortunate souls who find cutting insufficiently harmful have taken mutilation to the next level with something doctors call "self-embedding disorder." According to the Chicago Tribune, embedding is when people deliberately insert objects into their flesh, either by forcing them through wounds or by puncturing… »12/03/08 4:20pm12/03/08 4:20pm

"Nerd Girls" Learn To Abandon Risky Sex, Cutting For "Empowerment," Education, And I Am Really Happy For Them

For some reason I just read a story called Self-Cutting Linked To Risky Teen Sex. Okay, so I hate myself for actually reading such a story, since I was really only reading it for the purpose of reveling in how much I hate myself, which is fairly easy since I can't even get it up to make a joke along the lines of "Oh!… »6/16/08 3:00pm6/16/08 3:00pm

Mother/Daughter Conflict + Bad Brain Chemistry = Self-Mutilation

Did you hate your mom as a teenager? Who didn't! But a negative relationship between mothers and daughters taken in tandem with low serotonin levels could lead to cutting and other self-harm, a new study shows. Fraught mother/daughter dealings alone generally do not inspire cutting, says study co-author, University of… »3/07/08 9:30am3/07/08 9:30am