Fit Mom Banned From Facebook for Fat-Shaming Is 'Sorry Not Sorry'

Remember 32-year-old Maria Kang? She's the fitness-obsessed mom who posted a picture of herself with her three kids and the caption "what's your excuse?" on Facebook. After a recent rant about how there is "unrelenting support" for people who are "borderline obese," she's been banned from Facebook. But she is not sorry for… » 11/27/13 11:20am 11/27/13 11:20am

Not Thin? Don't Worry: Being 'Curvy' Is Sorta Kinda Trendy

Although it's already been established by both tabloids and fashion magazines that essentially all women—from Taylor Swift to Gabourey Sidibe—are "curvy," ABC News has decided that instead of the word being a lazy, catchall polite descriptor, it's actually a trend. Maybe. » 12/21/12 4:45pm 12/21/12 4:45pm