Will Cheating On Your Husband Save Your Marriage?

Marriage is hard, says everyone who is married. All that co-dinner eating and Netflix queue consolidating and trying to match someone else's socks and only sleeping with one person forevermore. It's enough to bore a lady to tears! Some women swear that the best way to overcome these terrible doldrums and be happy is… »10/11/11 11:15am10/11/11 11:15am

Woman Who Dates Married Men Makes No Apologies But Plenty Of Excuses

Dulcie Pearce of UK tabloid The Sun spoke to a self-confessed "husband snatcher" named Alliyah Johnson about why she pursues men who have wives. Alliyah, a 23-year-old "model" says she was once in a relationship with Steve, a guy her own age who constantly told her he was in love with her, which was "a real turn-off."… »10/23/07 12:30pm10/23/07 12:30pm