Crowned: The Sincere Sexy Reds Choke During Show Finale

Between Laura's freakouts and temper tantrums and Patty's puking and love of hamburger meat, the Sincere Sexy Reds are easily the break-out stars of Crowned. They were consistent in their performances during challenges for the whole season — whether it was choreographed aerobic routines or singing at a pitch that only… »1/31/08 1:30pm1/31/08 1:30pm


Crowned: Pageant Losers Run Away From Bedazzled Scissors

We always thought that beauty queens took pageants so seriously that the rituals and rigamarole involved were treated as sacred. But perhaps that doesn't count for pageants on reality shows like Crowned. Not to be too much of a cheeseball (is that even possible in comparison to this show?), but it turns out that the… »1/17/08 5:30pm1/17/08 5:30pm

Crowned: Sincere Sexy Reds Get Raw Over Uncooked Chicken

The Sincere Sexy Reds on Crowned are endlessly fascinating. They sing! They dance! They insult! Mama loves her hamburger meat! So maybe that's why she didn't know how to prepare raw chicken when her daughter Laura asked her to make her something to eat. When Laura rudely criticized her mom for not knowing how to turn… »1/03/08 11:00am1/03/08 11:00am

Crowned: The "Sincere Sexy Reds" Are Unintentionally Hilarious

Last night on Crowned, the lines were drawn between "positivity and negativity." That just means that two cliques — essentially the mean girls and nice girls — were recognized. On the negative side are Patty and Laura, the team formally known as the "Red Bombshells" but now going by "Sincere Sexy Reds". Seriously,… »12/20/07 5:30pm12/20/07 5:30pm

Crowned: We'll Let Beauty Queens Replace Top Models For Now

When the most recent season of ANTM ended last night, we were afraid there wouldn't be anything to fill the hole left in our hearts that we reserve for campy, beauty-based elimination reality shows — until 30 seconds later when Crowned premiered. On the show, mother/daughter pageant queen teams share a house and… »12/13/07 7:00pm12/13/07 7:00pm

Miss Uncongeniality: Mother/Daughter Pageant Show Debuts Tonight

"There's no reality-show figure quite so odious, these days, as the mother who tries to upstage her kids," writes Joanna Weiss in the Boston Globe today. Indeed! (Kathy Hilton, are you listening?) Unfortunately, the CW network, home to such beloved television programs such as Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and … »12/12/07 1:20pm12/12/07 1:20pm