Comic Confrontations: Judge Judy Vs. Crazy Hillary Supporters

Even after Hillary Clinton's speech last night, in which she called for a unified party, there are still devoted Democrats and/or Clinton supporters who are retardedly deciding to vote for John McCain, essentially undermining their right to choose in order to spite their official nominee. But there was one … »8/27/08 5:00pm8/27/08 5:00pm


"Clintons 4 McCain" Crazy Takes On Chris Matthews, Has Minor Meltdown

Megan is — I believe — still on a flight from Atlanta to Denver ( with Charles Barkley »8/25/08 6:30pm8/25/08 6:30pm, no less) but she'll be blogging (and, no doubt, drinking) once the DNC gets fully underway and Michelle Obama takes the stage. Until then, take in this clip of Clinton-loving, McCain-voting, hair-tossing Clintons 4 McCain founder…