Creepy Article Waxes Philosophical About "Model Flesh"

I counted half a dozen creepy "breast" references in this Wall Street Journal article about a man whose professional expertise lies in applying body makeup to runway models. The model makeup artist himself doesn't seem creepy, though; if you watch the video of the man discussing the serious, artistic way he approaches… » 2/13/11 5:49pm 2/13/11 5:49pm

Oedipus Rx: Or, The Single Creepiest "Modern Love" Essay Ever

The New York Times' » 10/20/08 1:00pm 10/20/08 1:00pm "Modern Love" column is frequently irritating, silly, and asinine. But it's not often that one of these gut-spillers leaves one feeling actually disturbed, vaguely dirty, desperate to talk to a therapist and maybe call social services. Such was the reaction elicited by Sunday's "," a mother's rant…